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Gov. Pritzker's time as governor marks one of the most negative business climates in Illinois history: 

  • He campaigned to raise taxes on corporations and pass-through businesses via his "fair tax."

  • He arbitrarily shut down those businesses he deemed "non-essential."

  • He capriciously put over 1 million people out of work.

  • He reduced Illinois' economic output by billions.

  • He caused Illinois citizens and businesses to lose additional billions in income. 

  • He increased corporate taxes by more than $600 million. 

  • He reversed the phase out of the franchise tax. 

  • He provided "incentives" to EV-makers after ending other incentives he derided as "loopholes."

  • He added, in total, over $5 billion in new or higher taxes, including doubling the motor fuel tax. 

  • He failed, every year, to balance the state budget. 

  • He failed to pass real, lasting ethics reform. 

In the meantime:

  • Illinois' corporate income tax remains the fifth highest in the nation.

  • Illinois' property taxes remain the second highest in the nation.

  • Illinois is the fourth-most regulated state, with nearly 240,000 restrictions and counting. 

  • Illinois' pension crisis remains a crisis.

  • Illinois' credit rating remains the worst in the nation.

  • Crime plagues Chicago and cities across the state.

  • People and businesses continue to leave the state.